Mid South Regional Series

The dates for the 2016 Mid South Regional series are:

3rd April – Surrey & Hants 4WD
24th April – STOTFOLD 2WD
8th May – Herts 4WD
22nd May – Torch 2WD
5th June – STOTFOLD 4WD
19th June – Herts 2WD
10th July – Surrey & Hants 2WD
28th August – Torch 4WD
4th September – Reserve date


  • 4 rounds of qualifying (round by round – 2 to count)
  • Single leg final for B final and below, same for Vintage and Short-course/Truck – 3 legs for A Final
  • Awards for 1st place winners trophies from B final and below, 1st-3rd for A final (no trophies for additional classes)
  • 2WD and 4WD classes only to participate for regional F grading
  • Additional short-course and vintage classes to run on 4WD regional days only, note:
    1. Vintage cars pre-2001 with any electrics from BRCA approved lists allowed. Re-productions cars are permitted
    2. Short-course/Truck must come per production, e.g. not a 2wd/4wd buggy with big wheels
    3. Only non-regional racers can participate
    4. These additional classes will not receive F grading/scoring, but an end of season overall winner for Vintage and Short-course will be awarded
  • Additional ‘open’ class will be provided at each meeting for non-regional drivers only
  • Any additional classes must meet a minimum no. of drivers to run the class on the day (typically 6)
  • £10 per entry per class (booking in advance) or £15 on the day (open/additional classes the same)
  • BRCA National Tyres Rules apply for regional scoring classes

Regional Results Archive

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